Teach Yourself Game Programming for Android and Windows

Redevelopment for AGK 2.0 progress

Project progress

Teach Yourself Game Programming for Android and Windows allows users of any age or experience to learn game programming.

This book will take you through two phases. In phase one you will learn the basics you need to produce a working game, then you will be taken through a simplistic game example. In phase two you will expand upon your already acquired knowledge so that you can create games good enough to sell.

You will then be taught how to program a game that is actively available on the Google Play market place. By the end of this book you will be able to produce games that you can sell on both Windows and Android devices.

If you have access to an apple mac you can even recompile those games for Mac OS X and iOS for iPhone and iPad devices.

In a comprehensive 610 pages, the book covers:

AGK installation & IDE
What programming is and how it works
The Core AGK Language
Working with graphics
Dividing & modularaising your code
Data storage
Text objects
Decision making
Sounds & Music
AGK Player
Mobile and tablet input
Reference section
Submitting Apps to Google Play
And more!


Project announced on TGC forums * Complete - 30/01/2015 *
Website updated with progress tracking system * Complete - 30/01/2015 *
Conversion of old e-book files into new management system * completed *
Duplicate AGK 1.0 section and retask as 2.0 base template* completed *
Update how to get AGK section with Steam delivery system* in progress *
Update IDE Images are graphics* in progress *
Develop 3D game for 2.0 section* Completed *
Update screenshots and images to reflect 2.0 system* not yet begun *

Additional items will be added as project progresses